I follow the words of Joseph Joubert, "To teach is to learn twice over". It is my strong conviction that one learns the most when one teaches something to others. I obtained the Fellowship of the Advance Higher Education Academy in November, 2022. 

Current Teaching - Academic Year 2024-2025 (Lecturer: University of Exeter)

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Exeter Students: TBD

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Glasgow Students: please book a meeting in this booking link

Past Teaching 

Lecturer: University of Exeter

Module Leader: 

Economics of Crime (BEE3074, UG 3rd Year) (also module convenor) ~ Spring 2024

Introduction to Finance (section B) (BEE1006, UG 1st Year) (also module convenor) ~ Spring 2023

Economics for Management (section C) (BEE1034, UG 1st Year) ~ Fall 2022


Graduate Teaching Assistant: University of Leicester

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Detailed teaching evaluations are available upon request.